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TAPERED BARB COLLAR These gentle barbs are easy on the body, so your soft plastics will be less likely to tear. That means you can be the absolute “terror” of the waters that much longer. Tapered Barb Collar - Barbs are wider and not as sharp as the traditional “spike” barbs - Same holding power in solid soft plastic bodies, but much less likely to tear. Our Roundball Jigs are built on an Eagle Claw Pro V Sickle hook

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Two Color Jigs
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Mad Viking Walleye Jig

The redesigned Walleye Jig is thought to be the most versatile and productive jig on the water. With its current cutting tapered front and the over sized eye sockets it will be the target of all predators that patrol our waterways. Built using the highest quality American made Sickle hook, perfectly balanced  to make this a true weapon for vertical jigging

Single Color Jigs

Two Color Jigs

Pimp Daddy

Ultimate Minnow Jig

*Your chose of sickle hook or Gamakatsu hook